Land Information Services

Land Information Services operationally provide sound, reliable and affordable land related geo-information products on the regional, European and global scale. The European Union has implemented a series of environmental directives and policies (like Water Framework Directive, Urban Thematic Strategy, Biodiversity Strategy, Natura2000, Flood Directive etc.) which obligate the Member States to manage their natural resources in a sustainable way and to report the status of environment to the European Commission regularly.


This online portal, established by the Land Information Stakeholder Community, provides an overview of the datasets available in a large variety of data repositories across Europe (e.g. on servers supplied by legally mandated public bodies such as the EEA or JRC, or numerous project-related websites).
(This Geoportal is optimized for viewing with Mozilla Firefox 2.x/3.x and Internet Explorer 7. On any other webbrowser deviations in representation and featurehandling may occur(e.g. Internet Explorer doesn't support opacity).)


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